Important water safety tips

water safety lifeguard equipment

If you're going to be around water, you really need to think about water safety. Especially if you have small children. First everyone needs to know that you should obey all the rules when you go to a public swimming spot, such as a public pool or beach. The rules of the facility should be posted on a sign somewhere near the pool. If there is a lifeguard on duty, make sure you obey him at all times.

When going out in the water, you should only have the water up to your waist. This only should apply to someone who can't swim. Since the summer time weather can be very unpredictable, you should be prepared to get out of the water once a thunderstorm approaches. This will prevent anyone from getting struck by lighting. Don't wait till the last minute to decide to get out of the water because every minute counts when it comes to your safety. We have all heard of no drinking and driving, well the same thing applies when it comes to swimming.Since drinking alcohol can impair your water safety, it is always best to avoid alcohol altogether or don't get in the water at all.

When children are around, make sure you or someone else supervises the children at all times. If no one is able to watch them then everyone must get out of the pool until an adult can watch over them again. More water safety rules apply if you plan on owning a swimming pool. First off you should learn CPR. Once you get certified, you will need to make sure you keep your certification current. You will also want to have a fence and gate installed around your pool. The gate must stay locked at all times. Never put any furniture near the fence because this could allow a child to climb right over. Following all of the water safety rules above will ensure everyone will be safe when it comes the time to swim.