How to play water polo

Looking for a great water sport for your children to join? Then you might want to look into water polo. If your child already participates in competitive or synchronized swimming, then this sport may be something they might would like to join. Participating in a game of water polo can be a great way to unwind for the day and at the same time your child can become physically fit. Water polo was invented in the late nineteenth century by Great Brittan. It has been going every since and is even played by swim teams in the Olympics. It is a very popular sport and many people like to participate in it.

water polo ballTo play water polo you must be able to touch the ball with one hand and must develop good ball control. The game is played in a swimming pool with 6 players. Once the game starts you must try and throw an inflated ball in the other opponents goal to score one point. So if your interested in finding a team, you might want to contact your local YMAC or call your local swim team. Once you contact them they will tell you what the requirements are etc. More than likely you will have to try out in order to make the team.

Another good place to look for a team is at your local high school. Sometimes you can even get a scholarship by playing for a college team. This can really work out great for someone who really needs a way to pay for their college tuition. So once your child finds a swim team to join, you will want to make sure they eat properly and get the proper amount of rest everyday. This way you can be sure your child is ready for each and every water polo game.