Kinds of water games

If your looking for water games to play in your pool, there are many options for you to choose from. First off if you like volleyball, you can always play a game of it in the pool. You play the same way as you would any other volleyball game, but the only difference is you're in the water. Water balloon fights is also another choice for water games to play in the pool. It's a very simple game and all you have to do is fill each balloon with water and tie it up and once your done, all you have to do is try and hit someone with the balloons.

water games surfingIts best to have several packages of balloons on hand so the game can last longer. The only downfall is that you will have a lot of balloons to clean up after the game is done. Chicken fight seems like another game a lot of kids enjoy playing while in the pool. Basically all you need are about four players to make this game work. When playing each person will need to set on someone's shoulders and try and push the other person that is setting on the other person shoulders down.

Pool Safety While a backyard swimming pool is the ultimate centerpiece for family recreation, it is also the single most hazardous zone for toddlers and young children.

Racing people in the pool is another option or you can have a float race instead. If you want to play a different game, you can always play Sharks and Meadows. In order to play this game you will need have someone to close there eyes in the water and swim to the other end of the pool. While they are swimming they will need to try and catch someone and when they do, that person will become the new shark. You can play water games everyday or for special occasions. The choice is up to you. Whichever water games you decide to play, you will surely enjoy yourself when it comes time to play.