Great tasting salt water taffy

Salt water taffy has been around for many years. No one really knows who invented it, but it was first recorded in the Atlantic Business Directories in 1889. This is a candy that has a very chewy texture. You can get salt water taffy in many different flavors. Most popular flavors are Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, and more. You will find that different companies will offer different flavors so you will have to shop around to find the flavor that you really like best.

salt water taffy in a bowl

The most popular place to find salt water taffy is at stores located along the beach. If you're nowhere near the beach then you can always shop online. If you do a quick search online, you can come up with many online stores to choose from. Every online store is different and sometimes you can purchase the taffy in fancy wrappers and canisters. Some will even offer a percentage off your total order if you purchase so much. Salt water taffy can make great gifts and are good for any special occasion.

You can serve it at special events, or you can have it served as a treat for the holidays. It can even make great candy to add to an Easter basket and even makes a great stocking stuffer. If you think real hard, you can come up with many ways to use taffy. If you or someone else you know can't have sugar, then there is always sugar free taffy to purchase. You can find this kind of taffy online. You can even make taffy yourself. Both recipes for sugar and sugar free is available online. So if you decide to make your taffy or buy from a store, you definitely will enjoy whichever salt water taffy you choose.